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Let’s Get Acquainted!

As you can see, the list of topics I am covering is long and diverse! I’ve been doing trauma-recovery work for many years, and I am in a very new season of my personal integration process.

It’s been difficult for me to follow my own scrambled vision for my future, but I have made great progress in creating a stable home environment from which I am continuing my mental health work.

Teaching is one of my greatest passions, and it’s also been difficult to format my online presence in a manner that makes sense to you, my dear reader!!

With that in mind, here are the details that will make it easier to follow the unfolding conversation at Connie’s House, Kataluma Kids, Tougher Than Our ACEs, and Web Mastery For Beginners.

1– All of my pages are currently password protected.

– You can engage with me on Twitter, or Instagram, where I post and tweet the links to my new content.

3 – I am modeling the steps of my personal integration process, and writing about the tools I use to maintain and take responsibility for my own mental health.

4 -I am developing my product matrix and the digital content that will be available as I continue to create my products and curriculum.

I’m very busy behind the scenes, so my content rolls out, much like a fully loaded freight train. I’ll be rolling through your neighborhood on a regular basis, loaded with the content that is designed to bring knowledge, comfort, and answers to many of the same questions I had when I was initially diagnosed with the mental illness that led me to homelessness in America. 

I appreciate your interest in Mental Health and Homeless Recovery Education. My goal is to answer the questions I had when I was first catapulted into the chaotic world of depression, psychosis, and dissociated thinking lines.

That was a terrifying journey, but I am no longer afraid!!! I have found the solutions I needed for these major health challenges, and my goal is to share hope, comfort, and encouragement for anyone who is facing these same harsh realities.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

With warmest regards, many prayers, and lots of love from Connie’s House, aka Kataluma Kids.